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Rules for the 2024 I75 Showcase Tournament

All matches will consist of two 35 minute halves with a 5-minute halftime.
Games could be shortened or canceled due to weather conditions. This will be determined by the Tournament Director and Referee Director. No refunds for games being cancelled.

Any player ejected (RED) card will be required to sit out one game, two (YELLOW) cards you will be required to sit out the remainder of current game, coaches must enforce this rule. NO team will play a man down after a player is ejected.

Each team may dress as many players as they like. Players from the same school may switch between teams of that school.

All teams must have a light & dark matching uniform/t-shirt. Jersey numbers are highly recommend! (To help College Coaches to correctly identify players.)
Home teams wear DARK jerseys and away teams wear LIGHT jerseys. The home team may be asked to change jersey colors if there is a conflict. (Referee's decision.)

Player equipment:
Shin guards are required.
Jewelry of any type is prohibited.
No wrist bands of any type.

You may substitute players on any dead ball.

All other rules and concussion guidelines will follow OHSAA guidelines


I75 Showcase Tournament

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